The Wallflower

The Wallflower - Dana Marie Bell Ohkaaaaayyyyy...........BIG ASS SPOILER ALERT

This book has one of the stupidest heroines i have ever read about. I mean her IQ must be lower then a cold winter's night in good ole Arctic.

A guy she had the hots for as a teen rolls into town looking like QUOTE- a tribute to the god STEROID!!! I dunno what the author wanted to achieve with that but my mind produced an image of a fake tanned wrestler in spandex with socks stuffed in the front, cause we all know the counterproductive effect of steroids on testies.

Ah well.... moving on...

So the Hulk Hogan were-puma-alpha (original, aint it?), hears her voice while hanging around his friend's work and automatically knows she is his mate (another shocker there), and heads right over to her work.
While there his mind works over the last he was in her life, him dating the blonde bubblegum airhead bimbo in high school, and she being a chubby nobody. While his mind is strolling memory lane his ears and eyes are focused on the present and the inevitable boner rears it's head. (no pun intended)

Later that very same day. He waits for her to finish work. Takes her out to dinner, makes out with her and bites her (to change her in to a puma)... only she doesn't know it.... So yah one would expect a pissed off who-do-you-think-you-are, how-dare-you, get-the-fuck-outa-my-face-you-fucked-up-mofo response....right????


He: I bit you.
She: Okay.
He: I'm a were-puma.
She: Okay.
He: There's things around like were-pumas.
She: Okay.
He: See, now you are going to be a were-puma too.
She: Okay.
He: Now you're mine, my mate, you can't ever leave me.
She: Okay.
He: Now let's go home and i will fuck you.
She: I'm a virgin, and oh okay.

So he does the deed and she comes all over herself like 15 times.... and everything is sooooo amazing.

I don't know what happens next and honestly i don't give a shit....