Burning Alive

Burning Alive - Shannon K. Butcher This book- series has definite potential. I will scroll trough the rest of the series and hopefully it will pick up. The whole brotherhood of the damned thing where only a female could save their life is a well used theme but there are heaps of books out there that make it work.

My biggest grief with this particular book was the continuous whine from our main female lead about her insecurities. She was going on and on about how she thinks she's fat and omigosh how can he like me? Mood-killah. If you already have such a situation- a war that rages on for centuries and an army of exhausted macho super-dudes that run around saving humanity and paying tribute to Darwinism by their primitive seductive techniques......(busy aren't they????) the LAST TING THE POOR BASTARDS NEED is to get shackled for the rest of their lives to a bunch of airheads that never emotionally graduated high school. Give them a bunch of hard-ass bitc**s that will help them out and give them a merry chase.