Chasing Magic

Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane 2 Stars

I had this book for a while now and always found something other to read then Chasing Magic. I have put it off for a long time and never knew why. The reason why only dawned to me after I finished it.


In the five installments of an amazing series I am slowly getting tired of the whole `woe is me` tale.

She keeps going on about her black soul, her pathetic life, basically the reasons why she keeps doing drugs. But the author never goes deeper into it as a form of explanation then that. By now it doesn't sound authentic any more, it sounds like an excuse. The fans of this series already know that Chess is an addict and accept it. To read it every two chapters delivers the same effect as beating a dead horse.- Pointless.

The second thing about Chess that annoyed me is the blundering trough the magic aspect of the book. Now five books would be plenty of time for the author to explain the main functions of her world, one would think. But no. We only know what Chess knows at the time. We have read about a few Banishings and that is it. The reader still doesn't know what could our main character possibly expect to find when she leaves her front door. When Chess encounters something that she needs to resolve, she seems as clueless as the reader. Try this, maybe it will work, nop???? Try something else. Nop???? Then again, something different, until we finally survive the ordeal with more dumb luck then brains. And as Chess stumbles trough every situation around her with a grace of an elephant in a china store, the lack of understanding of the magic aspect for the reader means that unfortunately we stumble along with her.

The third thing would be Chess` approach to her relationship with Terrible and Lex. The constant stammering around Terrible if Lex is around, followed by a need to explain to him why Lex is there, and no it's not her fault. It was endearing at the beginning of their relationship, but now I honestly wish for her to put on her big girl panties.

So at the end why did I like Downside Ghosts so much???? What is it that actually redeems our heroine? The answer is simple. Everybody else. Terrible, Lex, Bump, Elder Griffin and the like.

I will read the next book, because there is still some light in the Downside tunnel but it's getting dimmer by the moment.