If I Were You

If I Were You - Lisa Renee Jones Ahem......I must say i expected a bit more slap and tickle from this one,but i guess the best is yet to come. I have read a fair deal of erotic novels and I know that it's really difficult to find a novel that has balance between a cred-worthy story and fuckery. This novel got close to it-but not quite. See there are a few things that bugged me.

1. Our female lead (whatever her name is) stumbles upon some explicit diaries of a missing woman that end in what is only to believed foul play. So naturally she just jumps up and decides to go find the missing woman. No need to call the cops or any other qualified organisation out there that have professionally trained personnel to deal with such situations. Why would she? She is an English teacher with degree in arts for god's sake! She'll get right to the bottom of it before lunch! So-to the Batmobile!

2. Now that we are discussing the arts degree-hmmmmmmmmmm, it became clear in more moments than one during this read that she indeed got the aforementioned degree from the University of Wikipedia. Not uncommon. A lot of our literary heroes apparently went there.

3. Ah yes, the mystery guy. So he is rich, famous and artistic to the boner..er...bone. I'm cool with that. Ooooh and he is a bad boy!!! How do I know? Because he keeps telling me! "Don't be around me, I'm dangerous. If you knew me you'd run. I have secrets, of the dark kind!" over and over again. But he never does anything dark you see, in fact his behavior could put Prince Charming to shame. Granted the Disney-adult version, but I don't mind that at the least.

Now the good things.

I loved the fact that there are more then one men on the scene and that there is potential for this series to sail into some steamy waters. The fact that the darker parts of the series are only evident in the last chapters of the book leaves you wanting more... I will read the rest when it comes out.