Claimed - Evangeline Anderson Deffo not what I expected from this novel, but in a waaaay good way. Written erotica is not usually this entertaining or this clever. Sure there are a helluva lots of novels out there that are into E.T. fuckery but instead of following some kind of a story line you get the prologue (intro that should give us a glimpse into what the author envisioned as a background) followed by pages filed with bad porn talk and tsunami after tsunami of bodily fluids.

Evangeline however managed to get the story line rolling and fit in the steamy probing at the same time. big plus comes in a few completely random elements that got me laughing my ass off (blue teddy bear).

What to expect? There are four types of aliens in these series - Beast Kindred (what you will find in this book but don't worry they aint shapeshifers), Blood Kindred, Twin Kindred (wink wink), and the baddies- The Scourge.

well what else is there to say- don't expect too much, it's still erotica, but i found it so much better then the most.