Fifty Shames of Earl Grey

Fifty Shames of Earl Grey - Fanny Merkin, Andrew Shaffer Truly! Books like these make me feel much better about making my husband work two jobs and occasionally pole dance on weekends to support my book addiction.

I have gulped this book down light speed and laughed my ass off. The best point is that i can actually see this book turned into a movie and hell yes i would pay money to see it.

I honestly thought that you couldn't milk Twilight any more, but then the truth is- Original Twilight did not give much to the world as it stood alone but the lameness of it inspired some funny people.

From the very beginning of this book i was in stitches- and Vin Diesel...ooooh Vin Diesel, i wouldn't mind him pushing my elevator buttons-not because he gets me hot, it just warms my heart that someone out there was kind enough to give the man a day job that saved him from having to revert back to acting. We wouldn't want him to starve,would we?

I also loved how the authors masked one of the bigger problems in Fifty Shades of Gray, Anna's general ignorance. I mean for an English lit major she has proven herself to be clueless when it came to some of the greater works of art and music. Things that are mentioned in high school even. So in this version Anna gets a shock when she hears about Tom Cruise...xD

The highlight of this book was the oh so dramatic scene originally seen in Fifty Shades of Gray where the delicate Anna gets spanked by a massive leather belt or some-such witch results in her dumping Fifty with a heavy heart and a sore ass. Only in our version Anna is getting spanked by a tambourine... Well then- the following had me rolling on the sofa for a good ten minutes....and i quote:

“After each blow, you are to count out loud. Do you understand?”
“Okay,” I say. “One!” I almost add, “ha ha ha,” like the Count from Sesame Street, but I’m somehow able to contain myself.

Seriously......this book is full of such hilarious randomness it would be a crime not to read it!!!