Avoiding Commitment

Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde Well knock me over with a feather!!!! Honestly half way trough reading this book i thought i wouldnt finish it, main reason being the main characters. Their relationship is so twisted and toxic it got me throwing my hands in the air and shouting at the screen many a wonderfull times. Here it goes..

Lexi was in love with Jack for six years and their relationship has never been healthy. Lies, cheating and pain took the highlight away from what a relationship should be, in essence making one happy. But sadly for Lexi it is one of those relationships that are so intense and full of chemistry and lust that override all common sense and eventualy lead to the only possible end...getting hurt

I usually stay clear from weak female leads because it makes me want to slap some sense in them more often then not and my annoyance messes up my whole book reading experience. I thought that this would be one of those.....In the end the last two chapters pick this book up from the ashes of the shit pile and blast it into orbit of amazingness!!! I will most deffo read more books of this series...