Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens People write that this book is like Beautiful Disaster- IT IS NOT! In Beautiful Disaster you have characters you can relate to and this book is just plain Disaster. It is not an emotional love triangle it's a story about an unremarkable shallow stupid girl that sleeps with her roommate while her boyfriend is on a trip. I can understand it up to that point. After he returns however she continues to date her roommate behind his back and with too little remorse and cheap reasoning.

I am so so sorry but this book got me rolling my eyes from the start, i really hated Kiera, and i must say how some people would shoot a lame horse to put it out of it's misery i would have no problem putting Kiera down. From the start of the book you can clearly see that Kiera has the hots for Kellan and that Danny is not much in the picture. I mean at the beginning Kiera and Danny's relationship is supposed to be solid, right? But all i read was Omighosh Kellan is so sexy, his hair is sexy, the way he sings is sexy, the way he pours shots is sexy, the way he dresses is sexy, the way he wipes his ass is sexy..... soooo repetitive it brought tears to my eyes. That and her constant blushing, i mean the woman blushed furiously every other sentence. GOD!!!!!!!!!! The plot was so painfully obvious from the start and i must say i wasn't surprised at all at the events that it described just got me wondering at moments what the hell did either of them do with her in the first place. She said in her own words that she's not pretty, but from what we found out she's not smart either... i believe that the following quote sums it bought right.....

"My head was impossible to keep in the lectures today. I kept drifting between happiness that Denny was
back, to guilt that he’d given up so much for me, to guilt that I had been unfaithful to him, to grief at the loss of
my friendship with Kellan, to irritation that I didn’t seem to mean as much to Kellan as I’d thought, to irritation
at myself for wanting it to mean something more to him, back to guilt, that he was taking up so much of my
thoughts and not Denny, which started the whole vicious cycle again. My head hurt by the end of the day."