Bound to the Prince

Bound to the Prince - Deborah Court I have waited a long time to read this book. I had it in my TBR pile or ages. When i read the summary I was excited because i adore fantasy and it seemed and exciting story. Unfortunately it was not.

The plot was one dimensional and the characters were all over the place. Not to mention some very unbelievable situations.


1. Igraine (female lead) was abducted by the prince and taken underground. There is a fight scene in witch the prince shows her how to fight, mind you he shows her only ONE MOVE!!!!!! After that our female lead teaches herself (??????!!!!!!!?????) how to fight with a pole and swords in one week....hmmmmm...

2. There is a sex scene in absolute darkness- Igraine was supposed to be completely blind and yet she manages some pretty visual observations like the hair on his head cascading like molten gold and some other nonsense.

I wanted to enjoy this book but i managed to give myself a headache just trying to puzzle out what the hell was going on. Very poorly executed and a waste of time.