Tempting the Beast

Tempting the Beast - Lora Leigh This story has definite potential, i don't mind the sex at all but reading it I couldn't shake the feeling that it has been narrated by a gynecologist from hell.

Every few pages i had to refrain myself from having a mad dash for the sanitizing wipes to clean my e-reader. I am a woman, and I don't mind all the colorful names that can be used to describe our ever-glorious bits but what I found to be the most lacking in this story was the crudeness in witch the beastly mind-blowing sex was described.

I know it is supposed to be highly erotic and all, due to hormonaly insane man-pussy and his Barbed Bald Conqueror and that they couldn't help their over growing needs but somehow the 18th Century dock-worker eloquence of it all dimmed my experience a bit (a lot). It took this book down from an erotic novel with high potential to a porno that will never get filmed due to financial needs to procure all the extras to make our male stars realistic, and we all know pornos never get that kind of funding..sad really..

but anyway a golden star and a smiley face for the effort.