Unholy Ghosts

Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane I have to say that Downside Ghosts series really had me climbing up the wall in certain moments. The main characters and the world described in the series is not black and white like we usually see in these types of novels but very very gray indeed. After finishing the first book i was not certain would i like to read the rest of the series or not. In the end i did and found myself understanding the characters better and loving the messed up world that surrounds Chess.

The only big problem i have with Downside Ghosts is that Chess scrapes the bottom of the barrel so many times in so many situations and she doesn't learn or grow as a character. Her drug problem is the real love affair that we follow in the series and although i loved the books so far i can say that i am getting tired of it. Waiting for the main female lead to wind up dead in a ditch somewhere cause she choked in her own puke due to a drug overdose is not something i would name the great culmination of this series.