Worry about possible censorship on GoodReads

I honestly don't know what to say in regards to possible changes happening on GR at the minute. It seems like most of the things GoodReads is loved for might become obsolete. If that happens i believe the entire site will crumble. If they chose to limit users expressing their honest thoughts, GoodReads for me will lose the essence of itself, the very reason that attracts so many people to become a part of it. 


The censorship of any content that is not book related is absurd. It limits a person's way of expression. Some people chose to stick to it, others to wax poetic. It's their choice, and all the reviews are enjoyable to read. It's the undisturbed, honest opinions of so many that make everything worth while.


I am annoyed that i am not allowed to say that i won't be buying Kathleen Hale's books because of her conduct. I am not saying that because of an imaginary grudge against her. It's Kathleen Hale's personal actions that spilled over into her professional life, not the other way around. I am refusing to line her pockets with money, when she goes around being a threat to her own readers. Censoring such opinions by GoodReads might lead to more unwanted stalking of unsuspecting readers, if they don't have certain information at hand. What about authors like Richard Brittain? He sat on a train from London to Scotland and BASHED A WOMAN OVER THE HEAD WITH A WINE BOTTLE because she blasted his poorly executed debut novel. Both of these women are on GR, and now they are not allowed to warn people what might happen if you review or criticize certain authors? Because you may only speak about the novel itself...


Pardon my French for a moment, but how in the flying fuck is that OK? How is that safe? How is that protecting anybody? The only people i can see benefiting from the new changes are people like Hale and Brittain, not anybody else. 


My opinions are not always nice, but they are my own. The time and effort i have invested in GR is my own, and it came out of my passion for reading. To have a bunch of people rooting trough it, and possibly erasing things because of their current view point is insulting to say the least.