The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

Hat down, and a bow for the amazing performance by the "Gentlemen Bastards"!


This book had it all, an amazing protagonist, a brilliant world in witch the story was set, an incredibly layered story that moved in a fast pace.


I loved the writing. I did. What struck me as a stroke of genius is the creative cussing going hand to hand with ridiculous aristocratic posturing and eloquence. It worked so well. It was funny.


“Some day, Locke Lamora,” he said, “some day, you’re going to fuck up so magnificently, so ambitiously, so overwhelmingly that the sky will light up and the moons will spin and the gods themselves will shit comets with glee. And I just hope I’m still around to see it.”
“Oh please,” said Locke. “It’ll never happen.”


Locke Lamora is a con-artist and an extremely talented thief. Lynch spins his tale with break-neck speed, flashing from one job to the next, Locke Lamora's past to the present. The incredible world-building is easily explained and followed, but detailed and intricate enough to make you appreciate the sheer amount of information and thought it went into the creation of it all.


The story doesn't focus on the criminal activity alone, in fact it's nuanced with politics and dangerous intrigue that Locke Lamora has to navigate in order to survive. It's that navigation, that balance between his many, many lies that makes this story so gripping and fun.

It was a clever, brilliant read. I've enjoyed it a lot.