Davy Harwood

Davy Harwood - Tijan

This is it...this is where i say goodbye to Tijan for some time. I have tried, with two consecutive novels, and just eventually gave up.


As a paranormal romance novel, "Davy Harwood" is predictable and boring as hell.

Davy faces off a vampire, whom she hates(lusts over), and he is holding captive another guys with his eyes. She's fuming, she needs to do something. Sooooo.... she fists her hands in his shirt and kisses him.




The background story is barely there, the world-building non existent. I waited for a story, for something to happen, anything...it didn't. Drama, drama, drama, boyfriends, drama...

By the time she had the dream in witch the suicide girl says "I chose you", i knew exactly where this was going. The prophesied Immortal is here, and she has a Destiny to fulfill, weather she likes it or not. Hunted by everyone, but protected by one man alone..



Again, how very, very, very original...




That's it for me....