Maria V. Snyder "Magic Study"

Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder

Another good novel by Maria V. Snyder. I have to say that i preferred the plot in "Poison Study" better. It was more sinister, more mature. The beginning was my favorite. Who wouldn't like a family who lives in trees? My imagination just went wild on that one. :)

Leif..Oh my God, Leif. I wanted to punch him in the face so many times.


The story developed rapidly, that is one of the things i really like about Snyder's writing. There aren't dull patches anywhere.

I didn't like Rose, the First Magician, she came across as a mean cheerleader. She got upset over each and every single thing, and was always promising some kind of retribution.Kept seeing this in my mind..



And Valek, ooooh Valek... You just have to love Valek. He is a special type of alpha male. You just know that no matter what the situation is, he is going to whip out some badassery to save the day.