The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens I don't know what is it with me of late, but i seem to enjoy the old-school, not your normal paranormal, if you would.

I had fun reading this. I really did, even though i knew the end-game by the halfway mark. It was at moments painfully predictable, but nicely written.

Once again i will stress just how good it is to read a story where the author doesn't seem to try and beat their own clock by trying to squeeze an awesome plot, enough romance and supporting characters in a few chapters. Stevens takes her time, and you know that if you want to get to the bottom of something, you will simply have to pick up the next novel.

One big strike against this series is the way that the romance develops. We all kinda know that John Devlin is the main flame in Amelia's life, and we are all in their corner. But see here, he is not here at the moment, and Amelia is heartbroken and alone. In comes Thane.

Yes, he may be cute, yes he may be wrong, but why not? One thing that really annoys me is this need to save the main heroine for her Mr. Right. She and Thane hit it off, they had chemistry, they had fire.....i mean so what if they were slightly possessed? A little demonic aphrodisiac couldn't hurt the ole gal, amirite? They still could have been together, even if it is for one night. I personally wouldn't think any less of her, but sadly sometimes authors do that, where they introduce secondary potential romances, but don't allow them to develop. Teasers of a sort.

It's like the authors are afraid of letting their character have sex with multiple partners out of fear that the main romance might be deemed unremarkable, or the MC a slut. Shame really, because getting naked and then simply jumping off your potential partner like nothing happened, seems kind of stupid to me.