Darkness & Light

Darkness & Light - J.A. Belfield I really wanted to like this book, the blurb was promising. The whole reincarnation process to meet the man you are destined to be with was a different twist, even if he winds out being the reason you die at the end.

The paranormal aspect of it had good elements, but not enough as there were moments when the story was simply stale and slow moving. A lot of time spent just being sat around, drinking coffee and staring into nothingness. The true action was nonexistent.

At the end that wasn't what made me pack it in, it was Jem's husband, and her behavior towards him. He is a wife beater and an abuser of the worst kind. I can understand some decisions Jem made, as a victim of long term abuse. This lasted for a short while, until she simply started acting stupid. One moment she will do an incredibly brave thing and run away from her husband that beats her senseless to have some time with Sean, then in the next breath she will demand to go home to the same asshole, knowing that he might kill her. It didn't add up. It became torturous at the end to read it. I simply couldn't stomach it.

I read quite a lot of stories that depicted all kinds of abuse, so that element was not the problem. In Darkness & Light it was simply used as a reason Sean and her couldn't be together from page one, and to top it off the execution was terrible. At the end i simply didn't care what happened to her.