First of all, i had no idea it was illustrated to a degree, so that blew me away. It was apparently done by one single person, and i have no idea just how much time and effort it went into the creation of it, but it looks really good. I was pleasantly surprised.

A second surprise came in the way of content. I was expecting some darker elements, but this has taken it to a whole different level. The descriptions of torture accompanied by a contributing visual is enough to disturb people. A lot.

The only thing I can attribute to my resilience is the sheer volume of intake of manga and anime throughout the past years. They have as a general rule even, at least one betentacled monster chasing a scantily clad male or female (depending how you squint) character around. And boy, can those tentacles become frisky.

No really all joking aside, this is harsh and very hard to follow if you are the type of person that doesn't gravitate toward the extremes. Reading it, i came to the conclusion the author knew exactly witch kind of impact this work would bring and still chose to dedicate the time writing and illustrating it.

The illustrations are good, detailed, but not overly so. In a sense it's a blessing in disguise really.

The story follows young Ferris, a man fighting a seemingly unwinnable war against an army fueled by the religious beliefs of absolute and sheer cruelty. Such an army that gives a true meaning to the term- Death is preferable to capture.

Sadly Ferris winds up in an ambush, and gets himself taken alive. He is at the mercy of cruel sadists, and just when he thinks he can't take any more he is sent to die at the altar of the blood gods, where he comes face to face with the same pagan priest that captured him.


The rest, torture, sacrifice, escape, salvation is all embedded in a world that is not for the faint of heart.

Sometimes i go for the very dark novels, and sometimes i can't really stomach them. Depends of the emotional connection that is offered with the characters. I need that redeeming quality. I need that human touch, that salvation at the end of things.

I personally would wholeheartedly recommend this book, but for a selected audience.