Thorn - Intisar Khanani When I was a little girl, I had a cassette tape with old fairy tales on it. The lady reading them had the most magical, softest voice you could imagine. I used to listen to that one tape every single night for ages, and it never got old. Amongst the stories was the one called Princess Goose Girl and it told a tale similar to this. Stolen lives and treachery, from riches to ashes, from darkness to light. Reading “Thorn” was an unique pleasure for me. There aren't too many novels out there that I could honestly call fairy tales any more, but “Thorn” definitely is one of them. It certainly brings back some amazing memories. :)

Khanani is an incredibly gifted storyteller, her writing style seamless and gripping from the very beginning to the end. She brings to life the essence of true fairy tales with the darker elements in her writing. Her portrayal of innocence is so guileless and effortless, you can't help but feel like you are living every task, and feel every hardship that Thorn experiences.

Like the old fairy tales this is a story from witch you are supposed to walk away with a lesson, and we all know that all true lessons come with a cost.

This was a story about finding your true worth as a person, not looking trough anybody else's eyes but your own.

This was a story of true friendships and the power of comfort trough hard times.

This was a story of a handful of lucky people, finding true wealth.

This was a story that made me smile.

Read it.....