Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1) by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers

I shit you not, this was the vibe I got from reading Grave Mercy.THIS IS NOT OK!!!

I understand that traumatic events can lead to a specific character trait in the future, but the nuns in this specific novel seem to be sipping from the Deep and Dark Pool of Radical Feminism on a daily basis.

After a very realistic and sobering start of an marriage where Ismae gets beaten by her husband on her wedding day and escapes with her life to join the convent of Death things go downhill really fast.

It would appear that almost every guy in this novel is a would be demonic rapist. All the girlies at St. Stiffies had by the words of the headmistress some kind of desire to run away from sex, marriage and those horrible ding-dongs guys have between their legs. To be a Handmaiden to Death you apparently need to be extraordinarily beautiful and have your heart filled with rage against men. The sheer hypocrisy of this novel is STAGGERING.

In the words of Ismae herself ,“Death apparently sires only comely daughters.” This is to tell us that she's the shit. Just so she doesn't sound like a conceited dick, the author also gave us this line by Ismae, at least I am not the ugliest here at one point. The whole subtle but not backwards focus on how friggin beautiful Ismae is leaves quite a lot to be desired. It's a tactic often used, and it never fails to bring out the biggest eye rolls I've got in my repertoire.

Ismae had a shit start in her adult life, and I completely understand anger, fear and resentment the character might feel towards the institution of marriage. What pissed me off is the ease with witch Ismae wished death and suffering and actuallykilled men. Guys were eeeew, and they had sex drives and had gropey hands. THEY DESERVE TO DIE!

So lemme see if I got this straight?

A woman can't get assaulted without all-out condemnation of the male perpetrator, but if the same woman walks around simply killing men and nobody bats an eyelash because they are male pigs and they deserved it????


Is this shit I read here fur realz? Ismae, you are a hypocritical bitch. I don't like you.

Needless to say this book pissed me off something awful. The whole glorification of gender vendetta for no other reason than gender itself is old as modern rad-fem itself and equally stupid.

How many books have you read, and how many reviews have you seen where people were constantly appalled by the way the HERO treats the HEROINE? Yet somehow if the roles are reversed, and it's the female character that's an asshole, it's all about finding your true worth and your place in this world. And....

This whole novel is built on double standards. I FUCKING HATE DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Ismae the character, was appalling. I couldn't relate to her. I didn't want to. Her entire existence was a pathetic retreat to that place in your mind where you get instant gratification when things don't go your way. The phrase, 'I wish you were dead' really comes to life here - no pun intended. Aww, poor Ismae, she didn't have it easy. How ever are we going to help her? I know! Allow her to hold grudges against anyone who ever hurt her or upset her in any way. Then let's give her a clear path toSLAUGHTER with no repercussions whatsoever. Give her clear understanding of her own problems, but make her completely oblivious to anybody else's, justifying her stupidity of condemning an entire gender and then some, because of her own single experience. Because, you know, being a slimy, two-faced asshat is a great role model.


I am tired of weak minded females, constantly pushing their own problems on the entire world to solve. This was not empowerment, this was not helpful in any way. It only does solidify a current popular belief that most women think by having a vagina means you can do whatever you want, just blame it on the world, and all the while claim that your shit doesn't stink. It's shit like this, heroines like this, intolerant, pigheaded, ignorant, cruel and conceited that push us back fifty years.

I am the fuck outa ere....