Seducing Chaos (Shadow Realm, #1)

Seducing Chaos (Shadow Realm, #1) - Luna Quinn ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

This is a PNR with an extreme emphasis on the R. Romanceeeeee!


The plot carriers are Sasha a soul Reaper, and Razor – a Hellhound no less...
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When they get together there seems to be whole lot of this happening...

This novel was sexually charged in a good way. Unlike the majority of Alpha males put there, you got an insight into his way of thinking and his attraction was very down to earth. There wasn't the abundance of the annoying chest thumping or stupid one liners that assert his dominance, like you find in the most PNR's.

The good thing about this novel was the diversity in characters that opened the world in witch the plot was set. You had a multitude of different creatures with different interests connected to their species that ran parallel to the main story. The bad thing about this novel was the fact you didn't get to experience any of it, just skim on the surface as the majority of the story revolved around Razor and Sasha. And Razor and Sasha seemed to have only one thing on their minds- each other, preferably naked.

I am the type of a person that doesn't tend to go for the novels in witch romance is the main focus. Don't get me wrong I don't mind romance at all, or lots of sex for that matter, just that I like it balanced equally with whatever the main characters want to achieve. The lust was so incredibly strong between Razor and Sasha that every time they were together it overshadowed everything around them until I just wanted to shout at them to get it over with already. I know as well that in this regard, I am the odd one out as it doesn't bother most people as much as me.

The thing i wasn't too enthusiastic about was the names like Razor, Edge and Sin....until i remembered quite a few popular series that i liked with names similar to that. It may raise a few eyebrows at the start but it carries it's own charm at the end.

The supporting cast seems promising and you can see something else that is not as featured in PNR's as much as it should be, really. Cultural and sexual diversity. The story touches on a few hot topics that I was glad to see, such as gender identification, gay characters and an open dialogue on intimacy as a whole. It flows in a way that it doesn't seem forced and the characters aren't going trough unnecessary awkwardness when it comes to unconventional couples. That is something I really, really like. But again there is much more to be discovered.

This is a solid debut for romantic paranormal fiction and a first in series. I would love to say it was completely my cup of tea, but I can't because I am an awkward bastard and somehow manage to rain on people's love parade.


Yah... that pretty much sums me right up....