The Last Hour of Gann

The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith Here's the thing, space-porn is awesome. It's a genre on it's own. A lot of people may laugh, and I imagine do that so many people are jumping all over books that depict humans humping aliens, but what do you expect me to say? We can be a bit pervy as a species.


One thing I didn't expect – is for this book to be this long. And long it was. Over 1K of pages. Yup.... Think on that a minute. For a space porn – that's impressive.

Tell you what else was impressive, the actual novel itself. It was damned good. I liked the writing style, it was elaborate, extremely detailed and not rushed. From the beginning I knew I will abso-fucking-lutely love it and I did.

The story starts told trough the eyes of an older sister taking care of her younger sibling following the death of their mother, who happened to be a registered prostitute. The sisters are destitute, too young to truly help themselves and in desperate need choose the lesser of all evils that can befall them. They volunteer to be the first colonizing force on a far away planet. They would be the pioneers, and clear the way for other colonizers. It is extremely dangerous work, with no guarantees, but the only possible true choice remaining.

The sisters fall asleep in the crio tubes and Murphy takes his law in full effect and simply screws everyone over like the bastard he is. Shit goes terribly wrong and they overshoot their planet, by a couple hundred years. They crash on a planet and soon enough out of fifty thousand people and crew only forty eight remain.

While for the sisters a terrible drama unfolds, we go a bit further away to find that the planet isn't uninhabited as the settlers first thought but a home to a lizard like race. They have their civilization and a set of rules they follow really closely. We go on a journey with Meoraq, a spiritual warrior male to meet his destiny given to him by his god.

This book is definitely not for the faint of heart. It has elements that people could find disturbing, from graphic violence to graphic sexual content.

It seems to me that this was maybe meant to be a series but got published as an omnibus. Still for people like me, who live the not so classic Sci-Fi it's brilliant. I am amazed that it was so well written ( I honestly wasn't expecting that) so it was an amazing bonus. I have to say that because of the length of the novel, I have read it in segments rather than in one go, with a few fillers in between.

This book was friggin amazing and I would recommend it to all people who love Mars Needs Women trope.