Golden Son

Golden Son - Pierce Brown 10 GOLDEN STARS!

When gods wage war, mortals scatter like ants.

“Audaces Fortuna Iuvat”
Fortune favors the bold...




When the old legends of heroes are told, time erodes away the piss and shit of those trampled by the hero's march until nothing is left but the gleaming purity of sacrifice and devotion. Funny how life is never as simple as that.

Pierce Brown has a spectacular mind. He gets that one thing perfectly, that one thing that escapes the grasp of so many aspiring and veteran authors. Train of thought. Not any single thought that goes trough our minds is simple or singular. It always develops, forms, mutates, jumps from one point to another and it's never alone. It is always accompanied by emotion. Sometimes it can even seem like shards with jagged edges that stab one another and bleed trough, carting you off in a different direction in a of a blink of an eye. Our thoughts live and breathe with us. To have an ability to capture those transitional moments is true talent, one that Brown has in abundance.

I've felt Darrow. I felt his triumph over his enemies, I've felt his confusion and loss of identity. I was lonely with him, I hurt at his side. I found joy in the moments when he thought about his lost love and the innocence that marked another life he lived.

Brown has built the Empire in it's true form. An organism, a massive beasts that digests everything in it's path. Created for a nobler purpose, but wherever we find the human element, sickness follows. Greed, power, survival of the fittest. It's amazing how humanity most often creates the very weapon that kills them. They have created gods that enslaved the world and in turn created slaves, but they forgot that all true gold is found in the dirt. The Society is a mother that nurses her children with cruelty and now has nothing else left than to embrace her Golden Son...


I am the type of person who never judges a person on their tastes, but if you don't like this particular series....something seriously wrong witcu....