Entreat Me

Entreat Me - Grace Draven There are only a handful of authors out there that write fantasy worth writing about. Grace Draven is one of them. I can't seem to stress enough how much I like her work.

I like her eloquence that doesn't sound forced. You have some authors that write in a way that it feels you have been repeatedly struck over the head with a dictionary. Like they are extremely proud that the word of the day on the tear up calendar stuck, and they can't wait to use it in front of everybody.

Writing style is important, very. Some fumble trough, some get by, and some are so talented that chapters flow seamlessly from one to another. Eloquence has to go hand in hand with world building and play of words to create nuances between characters. The most important thing is balance.

Entreat Me has enough of the right kind of language used by characters and in descriptions to make the scenes believable in the times they are set, without diving head first in the dreaded purple prose. You will find it often in younger writers when dealing with fantasy. They use it in this mistaken belief that it makes them sound more refined and that if gives depth to their characters, when it fact it only pisses the reader off. Well, it pisses me off, and every time I see it...


In her usual fashion Grace Draven creates the perfect moments for the unlikely heroes. She has an amazing ability to highlight those parts of her characters lives that would on their own not have much worth, but to those who experience it. Her characters are not the most feared, the most important, the most powerful of the most beloved by all. They are usually just people who are trying to do the best with the cards they have been dealt.

Arrogance as we know it today is not a feature in her writing either. There's hardly any posturing or stupid defiance. Her characters always seem to grow in acceptance and love rather as lonely individuals suffering in the dark.

I like her stuff, I always have done...

Recommendation? Well if this review isn't enough – it's simple. Read this book.