Khan: Empire of Silver

Khan: Empire of Silver - Conn Iggulden I remember starting this series and thinking to myself just how little information we usually get about the Eastern cultures trough our educational system. Just the basics really. Truth be told, not a lot of people would just sit and research some random piece of history either. It takes precious time, that we really don't have these days.

So once you find an author who can so creatively rouse your interest and get you invested into researching it's a brilliant thing.

This is the final installment of a very well researched history of one man that managed to call the wandering Mongolian tribes under one banner. King of the Sea of Grass. This series has been an eye opener for me, something new and something i really enjoyed. What makes me smile that even today there are nomadic Mongolian tribes that still cling to the elements of the past lives described in this book. Truly amazing.

Would i recommend this series? Of course i would. Honestly i haven't found a writer yet that would impress me as much as Conn Iggulden when it comes to historical fiction.