Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

A wizard and an all around a nice kind of guy.


I had no idea I would enjoy this book as much as I did. Butcher created an amazing character and his writing style is smooth and seamless. This book flows from one page to the next.

What really impressed me with Harry Dresden is just how much of an ordinary guy he really is, and just how much a badass he managed to be. There was no stupid posturing, cheesy one liners or testosterone driven Neanderthalism. He even made a back duster seem cool. And considering how far back this book was written just how many clich├ęs involving a black duster there are, that is a feat and a half.

There are not many urban fantasy series out there that take their time in a way like Jim Butcher writes, there are even less involving male main characters. The plot stretches out like a warm summer's night and you still manage to stop and smell the roses on your way to the finish line. Not a single part of it seemed rushed and all the supporting characters had a lived in feel, like they've truly lived all their lives right where they were supposed to be, and we are just simply passing by at the moment being nosey. Although this is only my first book by Jim Butcher, I already know that this is a classic series, a 'don't miss'. And I don't intend to.

It's also quite refreshing to have a guy's perspective when it comes to flirting and romance. Dresden embodies a genuinely nice guy with the odds stacked against him when it comes to women. Although by his train of thought you can clearly see that he is a full blooded male, his actions speak of his insecurities and loneliness. Not many guys out there that write like this. It's like there is some bro code that requires male characters to be limited to a certain pre written book of conduct around women. The end result is always uninspired.

Bob the skull though.... He is the best supporting character I have met in the last couple years for sure. A wiseass, horndog spirit trapped in a skul whose soul purpose (soul purpose hihihi) was to accumulate information because Wizards and tech don't mix.