Aftermath - Ann Aguirre It must have been love, but it's over now....

I wanted to punch Jax in the face during this novel, repeatedly. This series was so damn good when it started. Now i see it should have ended a long time ago. One thing I have to ask is this; why does Jax, a jumper, a rebel, a fighter, and over all such a badass constantly find problems when it comes to something so simple as her relationship with March? Seriously, just why even bother? It's not like the sex is any good.

And him? This woman repeatedly fucks him over and he just surrenders his bleeding heart because....she's so speshul. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This was a band of misfits, not a band any longer(dick move Aguirre BTW) that carried themselves trough some hard times with a general idea of a moral code. I mean, apart from March, people were really looking after their own interests. And that is why the series was brilliant. All of this random sacrifices out of the blue, or should i say black, are completely out of character and unbelievable.

The series should have ended a book ago. :/