The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir Dayum!!!I know why they decided to make a film out of this. This book was friggin awesome! As you well know it's about a guy who accidentally on purpose gets left behind on Mars. Cause, that can totally happen one day, just wait and see.


I watch a lot of Mythbusters (translation: my husband watches a lot of Mythbusters and he hogs the remote) and have seen a part of the episode where a discussion was had about the new EVA suit that was built for the purpose of filming The Martian. I am sure it was all really interesting (I have no fucking clue what happened as I fell asleep) and that there were a lot of discussions had pertaining to the science that boosted the amount of people reading this book. Well, allow me to tell you that science alone was not the reason I picked up this book. The real reasons are – everyone I've talked to has already read it, and I need to have all the facts so I can annoyingly point them out to people when indeed I do watch the film.

I will tell you from the start, I had my doubts. Hollywood has this certain way of overselling garbage for gold, and I have been slapped in the face many times before with the rotting stench of bad acting and overrated plots to just say, “Oh, hey, lemme be the first to spend my pennies on that book.” So I waited.... and surprisingly, it didn't sink for a change. People seemed to like it. So I bought it.

And oh my God....

You know what, it was worth the wait and most certainly worth the money. Sure, it was extremely technical at times, but you kind of have to be. He's a stranded astronaut,he can't just hitch a ride home on Pegasus' back for fuck's sake. He has to work for it. I have to say that this book surprised me in many elements. It was funny, it was challenging and deeply gripping. I never thought I would be excited about potato farming in any degree, let alone to this extent, and no not in that way you pervs!


I will let you know that being an astronaut is a respectable profession, highly regarded and celebrated everywhere and they are all real smart and nerdy everybody knows nerds don't get laid...

Yeah, that....

That was the one lone problem I had with this book. The stereotyping. There was a reference about the 'nerds' not getting laid in high school when they made a comment about one part of the mission that had a name connected to the Lord of the Rings. I mean, really? What are they, five? Who is the more unattractive person here, the one that understands the literary value of a classic featured in motion picture that made over a billion dollars, or the one too stupid to grasp it? Apparently we can't even have a science based novel without it's airhead cheerleader somewhere...sigh. There were a few other corny stabs at 'nerds' and people who managed to make something else out of their existence except twerking videos, but they didn't translate very well as the scene was set in NASA and you know that even the janitor there has a masters degree to begin with. So basically by making fun of the smart guy, they succeeded in highlighting the fact that they are the dumbass in the room.

Long story even longer – I enjoyed this book, I've loved the plot. It wasn't as depressing as I expected it to be.

He dies at the end...