Grey - E.L. James First of all, thank you everybody who were poking at me with a stick because of this. :)50 Shades was not a bad novel in my opinion. What brought the entire thing down were the mainstreamers.

I am talking about that bunch of people that don't pick up a book to squat a fly let alone dedicate hours, days, months and years to reading a specific genre. That bunch of people that get surprised that TV shows and movies have a written counterpart that existed for a long time prior it got chewed up and spat out in a form of unrecognizable mush by the Hollywood Grinding Machine.

And you can always tell when a person is inexperienced by the questions they ask and the “issues”they have. I am not being mean, I am not being a snob, I am simply telling the truth. So now you have a novel like this, a lukewarm erotica at best, that has gotten a lot of attention from the general public and been exposed to people who don't have a clear scope of just how vast the genre of erotica really is, and just how many subcategories it has, and naturally - it causes a shitstorm. People buzzed around E.L. James as if she invented the genre.LIKE IT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

Those same mainstreamers called Christian Grey a horrible person, an abuser and said that if he wasn't a millionaire this would have been a crime novel, rather than erotica. That his was DARK CONTENT. And the best of all that E.L. James supports violence against women because of the book she wrote.

First of all LOL, last of all

If you think Christian is DARK CONTENT, don't ever read actual dark erotica...EVER! Cuz that will scar you.

If we take that nugget on E.L. James and use it to create a standard, then Stephen King is a sociopath that does nothing all day but find excuses for sadistic butchers. The creators of American Horror Story are a bunch of twisted, despicable individuals that promote violence for personal gain. We could continue all day, but I think you get the point.

The comment about money is nothing but an insult to all women saying that we will allow anything as long as the guy is loaded. Well fuck you too. That came from those same individuals who never experienced just how many flavours the erotic genre caters to. There are so many different titles that contain BDSM and are far more graphic than poor Fiddy Shades where the characters aren't rich. But how on earth would they know that, since as far as they got in this genre was supermarket bookshelves and the incredibly vast selection they offer....?

The very last thing is the nerve of it all. 50 Shades is a work of fiction....Fan fiction at that. Christian Grey aside there are people out there that enjoy BDSM to that extreme just knowing about it could cause people to faint. Guess what? They are allowed to. That doesn't make them abusers or horrible people. They are living their lives to their own preferences just like everyone else. They don't need random people getting in their face and telling them what is precisely wrong with their lifestyle. Especially if those people have never had any experience in it. Just like there are people out there that would feel strongly offended if a person would put a collar on them, there are people who would love it more than anything in the world. Live and let live. Hold your life to your own personal standards, defend them if attacked and live fully. But for the love of God, don't forget that just as you live your life and would offer no apologies for it, other people deserve the same consideration and respect. Everybody holds their opinion in the highest esteem, and that makes them strong individuals. Holding the same opinion as a standard everyone else needs to reach, makes them fucking idiots.

People say E.L. James is milking this for what it's worth. I agree. Something tells me that she's a one trick pony. Her not moving away from 50 Shades confirms it. Am I blaming her for trying to get all she can? Nope, I would do it too. This novel will either be brilliant or sink the entire series. I am not sure yet, there's only one way to find on.