Spider's Bite

Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep I have read this before....or I have tried to read this before.

A few years back I was all about the paranormal romance, and I was specific. So specific in fact that not many novels would to. I was full of it at the time and not easily satisfied. I would get a few chapters in, and if the book didn't take me, if it didn't have that something special i would discard it like yesterday's papers. Somewhere in my travels I have stumbled on Elemental Assassin and discarded it.

Now I can say I am more than happy I've tried again. Lately I keep picking up books with whiney, spineless, pathetic heroines who can't seem to get trough a single day in their life without having some kind of mental breakdown, or need help to simply breathe.

Gin was such a breath of fresh air, I loved it. The I-don't-give-a-fuck, take no nonsense kind of girl that went on with her day. Something didn't happen the way it was supposed to? Shit deal, but life moves on.

She did what needed to get done and a focused train of thought was so refreshing. She wasn't second guessing herself every second of every day. She knew who she was and what was she capable of. No vanity, no insecurity, no cattiness. I really, really, REALLY needed this.

A normal chick with a healthy sex drive and a good appetite for food. Not some supa skinny, stick insect that spent all her waking moments thinking did the guy wink at her or simply blink?