Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole And it was going so well....

I liked this series, I really did. Me and this series were becoming best of buds. Hanging out together constantly, it always telling me what's it been up to. It told me things in the beginning, it promised it wasn't like the rest. I fell for it. I guess it was my own too trusting heart. Alas, I have been deceived.


I don't mind couples, threesomes or squaresoms....I will always push for whoresome instead of wholesome in UF/PNR. Makes it more spicy. I like my characters badass, not dumbass, especially the heroines.

By now everybody has their likes and dislikes and more than a few pet peeves. Well this book has one of mine. A big one. In fact a colossal one. -> Evie and Jack are an item right? Even with their problems she has made promises. Evie is also attracted to Death. So much so she didn't cook him dinner. He was eating out. Things in here happened for reasons, and I get that, but they should also have repercussions too. I didn't see much of that. Although Evie is a strong character, she makes shitloads of mistakes, and she's selfish. Jack is obsessed regardless, and even with hurt feelings he goes all out or her. He thinks only of her, he will do anything or her safety. Death is the very same. She can't do no wrong, her cooch is gold plated. It gets so old, so damned fast.