How to get a bestseller? Steal it, of course. :)

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Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard
LIAR LIAR – PEN ON FIRE!!! I can't say that I can hold any respect for Victoria Aveyard. That wasn't my call, it was completely hers. To take someone else's intellectual property, someone else's successful project, then steal it's construction frame, fill it with recycled second grade product and call it your own is just simply bullshit.


Red Queen crawled out to surface one year after Pierce Brown's Red Rising, and from page one it's obvious it's a blatant copy. People seem to jump around this subject afraid to rock any boats. Well I'm not. A thieving asshole is a thieving asshole, no matter how hard you try to be polite about it.

Pierce Brown introduces us to a world where the people are sorted into colors that would dictate their lives, Reds being the slaves, Golds being godlike.

Aveyard introduces us to a world where the people are sorted into colors that would dictate their lives, Reds being the lowest born and Silvers being godlike.

On Mars the Reds celebrate and fight for the Laurel, where they are required to attend and be reminded of their servitude.

Aveyard makes her Reds attend First Friday or some such shit,where they are required to attend and be reminded of their servitude.

Pierce Brown's under castes have a dedicated role capped and expressed by their physical appearance.

Aveyard isn't as talented, or as smart so she limited herself to a few supernatural attributes like telekinesis, strength, speed and so on.

Brown created Augustus as the embodiment of evil, and chose him as the point of torment for our hero.

Aveyard has King Tiberias as the leader of the 'Silvers'.

Brown introduced the rebels in all their glory as a known terrorist organisation known as Sons of Ares.

Aveyard created 'her' rebels as – The Scarlet Guard – who, you guessed it, are presented to the public by the Silvers as a terrorist organisation.


People are tiptoeing around this, but imma call it as I see it. I am not sure if her name is Victoria Aveyard, or she stole that off someone too. Most probably the latter, although I guess we can't know for certain.

I have no idea just how much Cool Aid you gotta drown to wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, then proceed to PUBLICLY congratulate yourself for ripping off someone else's work and basically making it into a template in witch you kinda shuffle some names a bit and say – Golly fucking gee, aren't I grand? Jesus, people. This is not alright!

I have seen some coincidences in my lifetime, but coincidences in the book world seem to kind of always line up after some author comes with a winning original idea. After Twilight, glowing vampires wherever the eye can see. After 50 SOG, kinky billionaires at every corner. Mimi Jean Pampiloff ripped off Fever, Armentrout stole off Richelle Mead. These are all well known cases – with well known documented points to prove the story. A small mountain of identical plot twists, and of course the timeline – as all of their 'original' work always gets published at least a good year after the other bestsellers.

Armentrout weakly defended herself by calling it the Twilight Phenomenon, saying that all of the similarities that the reader saw with her work and Vampire Academy was in their head. So, basically, she's not a thief, people that read her books are just stupid...Gee, thanks.

You see, people like Victoria Aveyard have already had their fill of reviews just like mine. They read them – they upset them greatly (because they are true, and you can lie your ass of to anybody just not yourself -truth hurts like a sonofabitch), then they call their mum, their lover, their best friend and confidante and complain about just how hard it is. Hard to be unappreciated, hard to succeed in this harsh and cruel world, and how people just simply don't have the INTELECT to comprehend just how hard they worked on their book. It's everybody else's fault. Just not theirs. Oh and, the family all gathers, whisper those platitudes – you are a success my dear, not them, you have climbed a mountain which has felled many. It's envy and jealousy and all that other generic empowerment crap we hear from our closest circle when life kicks us in the nuts.

This is one of my pet peeves, turning a blind eye to obvious theft. People who plagiarise only want to take your money at the end, witch I don't mind but the product isn't exactly Apple, it's more down the line of those Nike's, but with two k's in it. Nikke... hmmm, close but no cigar. Reading Red Queen leaves you with the insight into the whole creative writing process. You can actually visualise the author wanting to score. Looked kinda like this....

At least your ineptitude hasn’t been seen by thousands:

There is no gratification to be felt once you read a novel like this one. None. Well perhaps one. PLAGIARIZM FOLLOWS YOU LIKE A BAD STENCH. Now, ten years from now, no matter what these people do – someone is always going to bring it up. My hat goes down to all that true indie crowd, that write crap that grates on the brain and boils the eyeballs in their sockets, but hey at least it's honest and theirs. Keep up the good work! And people like this? Eventually live up to their boring mediocrity. Since nobody got time for that, here's some magic crack cake that will help you enjoy this novel in all it's originality...

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